Thursday, June 11, 2009

7 Productivity Tips, Plus Tools for Freelancers and Web Workers

Really a nice writeup on useful tips and tools for freelancers by Elliott Kosmicki.

I recommend you to read this through. The keyword here is:

Big Problems, Small Solutions

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blog Tools…powerful web publishing!

Blogging…Sharing your thoughts & connecting with target audience

Blogging is a powerful brand-building & promotional tool and serves as a connecting link between you and your customers. It helps you in keeping your finger on the pulse of the target audiences and getting feedback from them. Blogging helps you to speak about the latest events, product launches in your business sphere etc. and build trust in the user community.

Here's a nice writeup on various blog options available to freelancers:

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Really Interesting: The Ten Types of Freelancers

Here is a nice article on various personality traits of freelancers. I think the author has Laura Spencer has done quiet a bit of research before suggesting these traits...

Decide on which one is you :)

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10 freelancing myths

In this current economy many people who have been laid off or let go have thought about turning to freelancing. Some will be successful, others will not. What will be the factor that makes the difference? A realistic vision of what freelancing is like will be the key to success or failure.

A very nice and informative article on 10 common myths of freelancing:

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15 benefits to working as a full time freelancer

Have you ever come across a dilemma of whether doing a full time work or perusing your career as a freelancer...

Well here is the answer to it. Once you read the below mentioned blog, I think your decision to work as a freelance would become more concrete.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Power of Crowdsourcing Today

Crowdsourcing has gained a lot of importance in today's freelancing world. This tool empowers the crowd to democratically select the best option available from a list of designs.

In continuation my search for exploring more on this topic, I read through a very interesting article. Please read and provide your feedback.

Crowdsourcing as it is wisely said by James Surowiecki that the large groups of people are smarter than an elite few…Web 2.0 is abuzz with the term ‘Crowdsourcing’, a word coined by Jeff Howe. This latest business model is a low-cost, quick and easy way to help people get instant and effective solutions to their problems by discussing them globally.

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15 Must-Have Programs and Services For Freelancers

I just visited this site and found and interesting article for you guys!!! Here’s a list of 15 free or inexpensive programs / online services for freelancers.

The list is broken down into 5 main categories:

  1. Backup and Syncing
  2. Finances and Invoicing
  3. Communication and Project Management
  4. Programs and Working With Filetypes
  5. Graphics Programs
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Monday, June 8, 2009

To Bing or Not to Bing

I think for the past two days, Bing is one of the most talked about topics in social media sphere. And why should it not be ?

Google is leading the search engine race by being miles ahead of the other popular two MSN and YAHOO from almost a decade now. Google has no doubt is so far the best in terms of search results and features and almost has the monopoly by capturing whopping 73% of market share. So when some other search engine comes in with some visibly value added feature (potential threats to google), people are bound to take interest and talk about the same.

I have been exploring bing for the past two days and actually trying to find out why Microsoft is positioning it as a decision engine that goes beyond search to help customers deal with information overload. Regardless of my personal opinion and experience with bing, it is definitely a big advancement for Microsoft’s search efforts.

Let’s see an interesting conversation on Twitter between Google’s Matt Cutts and Betsy

Matt Cutts: Congrats to @bing on the launch! Sad to see this not-so-relevant result at #4 for [matt cutts] though:

Bing: @mattcutts anytime you want to give feedback to @bing, we’re here. :) I’m sitting with the devs at present. ^betsy

Bing: @mattcutts I know you are disappointed in ego search stuff tonight w/ @bing, but try ‘mtv movie awards 2009′ and see what you get. :) ^ba

Matt Cutts: Ouch. The #5 Bing result for [matt cutts] is spammy too: It’s a YouTube->WordPress autogenerated blog. :(
Matt Cutts: @bing okay. First web result was from 2008 instead of 2009, even with 2009 in query: . Google nails it.

Matt Cutts: @bing but doesn’t it bother you that [mtv movie awards] on Google gives great news results and 2009 url, but w/Bing I only see 2008, 2007, ?

Bing: @mattcutts Uh - the first answer folks see is the news answer, not what you circled. Apparently twilight won. ^ba

Matt Cutts: @bing by the way, Twilight did rock. I’m not ashamed to say it–glittery vampires rule!! :)
That’s about it for the conversation between the two (so far), but Cutts referenced that number 4 result again later:

If you want to compare Search results from ‘Bing & Google’ side by side use this tool

Taking Skill Test Enhances your Online Profile

Online skill tests are an effective medium to bring you on the front in the long queue of service providers, all wanting to get awarded with the same project. Our experience unravels the fact that service providers who substantiated their profiles with Online Skill Test Certifications have succeeded in gaining an edge over the rest of the providers, who have not done so.

Just came across this nice blog on Online Skill tests, so just wanted to share with all of you.

I hope you all will like this post..


List Of Freelancing Sites to Find Jobs

What all of us require as freelancers is a comprehensive list of sites where you can register, bid and do projects.

I read this article about various freelancing sites that are in the market. Just thought of sharing this with everyone.

If you have any more names to suggest, which may be missing in this list please feel free to provide a comment.